Control Solutions

Astral Control Services provide Automatic Heating and Ventilation Controls Systems and Building Energy Management Solutions.

Complex factors impact on the inside temperature of a building. Weather, people, technology, working practices and the situation of a building can all bring about changes in temperature throughout every part of a building.

HVAC Controls play a vital role in maintaining the climate within a building in an energy efficient way and determine how HVAC systems operate to meet the design objectives of comfort, safety, energy efficiency and cost-effective operation.

Lower your operating costs.


Result in measurable reductions in energy consumption and carbon emmissions.

Be integrated within a new building and retrofit to improve efficiency of existing buildings.

Project Design and Installation

Astral Control Services is a knowledgeable partner in whom you can trust. We closely monitor the industry for new product developments and legislative change and you can be confident in our ability to provide sound advice and expert guidance.

We design, install, commission Controls and Building Energy Management Systems to suit a wide range of applications and environments and, following installation, can provide continued support and maintenance to contracted clients.

We design electrical control systems using ELCAD and manufacture bespoke control panels to suit your individual requirements. We can also manufacture control panels to your own design specification.


We are authorised installers and distributors of BEMS products for ABB, Tridium, Siemens and Trend as well as authorised installers and distributors of Siemens and Belimo Control Valves and Actuators, Sontay measuring instruments and Schneider inverters & controls equipment.

We work closely with you and your partners to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Operating and Maintenance Manuals

On completion of an installation you will be provided with electronic copies of your operating manuals for your system, which provides you with detailed operating instructions and network diagrams.

Control Panel Manufacture


We design and manufacture Control Panels within tight deadlines.


Astral is not dependent on any other supplier to produce controls, therefore, quality is closely managed and maintained.


Our Control Panels are tested fully prior to being delivered to site to ensure they work right first time.


Control Panels are delivered and installed by Astral personnel.


Our Control Panel manufacturing techniques are constantly under review and improvements continuously being made. With time savings and cost efficiencies made Control Panel manufacturing projects are delivered within short periods and within budget, whilst still retaining the highest level of quality and reliability.

Energy Services


Computer-based Building Energy Management Systems

Astral provides Building Energy Management Systems from leading manufacturers including Cylon, Siemens, Tridium and Trend.

Astral also provide a bespoke web-based Energy Dashboard that enables you to measure past usage against current usage.  Data is presented in a clear, user friendly format and is ideal for communicating important targets and updates to employees or visitors to your building.


Astral Green Screens

Encourage your building’s occupants to take an active part in reducing your carbon footprint with Astral Green Screen information. With up to the minute information fed through to communal screens or your intranet you an keep people informed with live energy and utility usage targets and performance.


Meter Validation

Often meters are not synchronised with controls and this may lead to inaccuracies in energy usage and payments. Astral Meter Validation Services ensure your energy consumption is measured accurately therefore minimising your energy costs.


Predictive Billing

By analysing energy use over time we can help you analyse trends and identify areas for improvement. We can help you predict future energy costs and consumption therefore ensuring proactive improvement plans can be put in place to transform the economic and energy performance of your building.


Energy Management Audits

An energy audit on your building will identify your current energy usage and help us to identify potential areas where you can improve the efficiency of systems and reduce energy consumption.


Metering and Sub-Metering Solutions

Astral can remotely monitor Meters and your energy usage. Our Metering solutions are particularly useful if energy usage needs to be calculated by floor or by tenant.

Service and Support

Astral Control Services provide a telephone, remote and on-site support and maintenance service to help clients in the day to day use of their HVAC Controls Systems and Building Energy Management systems.

Support services are provided by our own local team. Our complete service, support and energy management packages will match the individual needs of all clients including end users, Building Consultants and Facilities Management Contractors.  Services can range from remote Bureau Technical Support to a Fully Comprehensive on-site support package.

Response Levels

We offer a responsive support service during normal working hours and can also provide an 24-7-365 support service.

Remote Support Services

Astral is able to login to your building’s live HVAC Control System and Building Energy Management System. We are able to respond to queries, identify problems and resolve issues quickly.  We can often resolve problems more quickly than if we dispatch an engineer to site.

Remote Supervision & Control

Astral is able to take control of a Maintenance Manager’s PC to make changes to a Building Energy Management System. This is particularly useful following a new installation as Astral can demonstrate how the correct adjustments can be made.

Service Level Agreements

Astral provides a responsive support service in line with an agreed Service Level Agreement.

Maintenance Plans

To ensure your systems are correctly maintained, Astral offer an annual support contract which normally comes into effect one year following an installation.

System Audits

If you are unsure as to the suitability or controllability of your existing system, we are able to carry out a systems audit for you.


Astral Control Services provide full training in the use of computer-based Automatic HVAC Controls and Building Energy Managementprograms.


Competent operation of your BEM system or HVAC Controls will enhance the efficiency of your building and improve your energy consumption.


Astral Control Services Training ensures that relevant personnel can operate systems safely and within recommended guidelines.


Full training will be offered both prior to, during and following a systems implementation to ensure personnel are fully confident in operating systems.


Astral recommend training is undertaken in order to ensure HVAC Controls and BEM systems meet required objectives.



Our employees follow a structured program of training to ensure that their industry knowledge is maintained. They undergo regular planned and impromtu assessments in order to ensure the highest standards are consistently being delivered.


High Standards

In order to maintain our accreditations, we must provide evidence of how we continually adhere to strict quality and regulatory guidelines in the provision of all aspects of our work.

Hazard Aware

We often work in difficult conditions such as new buildings, whilst other services are also being installed.

We always work within health and safety guidelines and our work and procedures are continually tested to ensure the safe operation and installation of equipment and the safety of our personnel and clients at all times.



All Astral engineers are DBS checked.


All Astral engineers have completed ECA training to BC4 level.

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